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AI guest services
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Resolve 80% of guest questions automatically.

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Natural language AI

Understands complex questions, asks clarifying questions, and fully converses with your guests in a professional & personable way

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Accurate responses

Accurately solves guest issues using your custom support content. If Bigsib doesn't know the answer, it will hand-over the message to you

Automate upsells & fill gap nights

Bigsib identifies openings in your booking calendars and sends guest offers to extend their stay or check in early.

Get extra revenue sources

Automatically offer stay extensions, upgrades, a stocked  food, and more

Personalized upsells based on the guest's preferences

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Fill calendar openings

Upsells encourage guests to book additional nights, reducing gap nights

Instantly triage & track urgent issues

Automated AI tasks

If a guest reports an issue, or makes a request that needs human action, Bigsib automatically creates a task and sends it to the right person on your team. For example, if a guest reports a water leak, Bigsib will send a message to your maintenance team, and also creates a task so you can track when/if the task is completed

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Automatically detects maintenance issues, and alerts your maintenance staff

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Knows when cleaning is needed, and alerts your cleaning crew in advance

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Can answer questions related to your food menu, and can even submit orders

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Front desk

If Bigsib cannot answer a question, it knows to forward it to your front desk

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The all-in-one, easy to use, AI guest service platform

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Arrival guides (no app downloads)

No need for guests to download apps. Bigsib automatically sends your guests an SMS text link that works like a mini web app. Easily showcase the best local experiences, offer promotions, and provide detailed checkin information and dynamic door codes

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Reviews & surveys

Bigsib automatically sends surveys soon after check out, so you can quickly detect and address negative experiences

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Agreements & waivers

Send agreements, waivers, and documents for guests to review and/or digitally sign in advance

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AI chatbot

Conversational, accurate answers that resolve guest questions and reduces your team's support volume.

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Upsells & marketing

Bigsib syncs with your booking calendar, and sends upsells designed to fills gap nights

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Automated tasks & staff workflows

Bigsib can triage complex guest issues, and automatically pass them to the right person in your team, so your guests get the best possible experience


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